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Splat Tag Paintball Park

Play Outdoor Paintball at Splat Tag Paintball Park

22 Unique Paintball Courses Located Just 25 Minutes From the Twin Cities!

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Field Map

Splat Tag has 22 different, unique and challenging courses to play.

About Splat Tag Paintball Park

Splat Tag is an outdoor paintball playground, located 25 minutes from Saint Paul, MN in Hudson, WI. We offer 22 unique courses with elaborate set elements consisting of full size automobiles, sandbag bunkers, army vehicles, towers, crashed airplanes, a 1600 square foot castle, 5 two-story structures and much more. If you’re looking for the largest most exciting outdoor paintball experience in the Midwest, look no further than Splat Tag Paintball Park.

Splat Tag Offers

Church group
  • 22 unique terrain courses
  • Individuals and small groups welcome
  • Training for first time players
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Private groups only 8 player minimum
  • Lighted courses for night games
  • Cash and credit cards accepted
  • Referee supervised games
  • One person plays Free with 10 or more players
  • 10 years old and up can play
  • Large group discounts
  • Monthly big scenario games
  • Large Walk-On Games every week - everyone welcome!
  • Discounts for players with own equipment
  • Top quality Tippmann rental equipment
  • Valken Paintballs sold
  • Yearly memberships passes
  • Discounts for schools and churches



Splat Tag Paintball Park is an outdoor paintball field located 25 minutes from Saint Paul in Hudson, Wisconsin.


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Semi-Anual Paintball Event

Giant Big Game Logo

On June 10th, 2018 Splat Tag will combine all of its fields into one giant playing field for its semi-annual Giant Paintbal Game event. With 600+ players battling it out in two teams, the Giant Big Game is one of the largest, most exciting paintball games in the Midwest!


Paintball Scenario

The Arena is rugged terrain. Woods, brush, downed trees, trails, hills, bunkers, and man made obstacles are the lay of the land. Winning on this field will require teamwork and cooperation if your squad of "Splat Tag™ Warriors" is to achieve its objective, capturing the enemy base.

Today, you've given yourself a secondary objective. Eliminating... No. Annihilating your opponents.

Advancing cautiously, you use the brush for camouflage. There, twenty or thirty yards off, you spot movement.

A rogue adversary cuts across an opening between the trees and disappears behind a bunker. You're both equipped with a face mask and a .68 caliber marker. You can fire pellets at just under 300 feet per second, but so can he; You decide to wait him out.

"Where is he?", you think to yourself. "What's he waiting for?" Suddenly, you realize that your position has been compromised. The enemy now has the advantage. You hear air release from his weapon.

You respond by pumping a dozen paintballs in his direction. The pellet "SPLATS", leaving a bright yellow mark on his left shoulder.

"I'm hit", he yells. You've just eliminated your opponent from the round. You look down at the splatter of green on the ground a few feet in front of you with the knowledge that this foe will return in the next game, several minutes later, to even the score. Will you be ready for him?.